I see clients at home in Ipswich in a private workspace dedicated to my practice. I do home visits if needed, and I can also work remotely, so living or working near to Ipswich is not essential.

Most sessions last for 1 to 1 ½ hours, though the length of the session, as well as the work chosen is all determined by the client’s energy system via muscle testing.

Sessions are unique to each individual and every session varies from the next. You do not need to fully understand why you have a problem in order to benefit. The unconscious mind recognises the necessary work offered during a session and selects it intelligently for the smoothest possible healing process.

In the session you lie fully clothed on a treatment couch and generally participate in the session in some way. We gently hold acupuncture points to balance your energy system, and then use gentle muscle testing to determine what weakens or stresses your energy system. These same ‘stressors’, together with holding specific acupuncture points, are then used to bring your whole system back into balance. Most clients find their sessions relaxing and refreshing.

Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology is a subtle and non-invasive tool balancing the bodies' system - learn more about how it works and other techniques that compliment it.

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