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Balancing the Ko Cycle 2-day attendance workshop


“Balancing the Ko Cycle—From Chronic Illness to Health”

Attendance CPD Workshop for Professional Kinesiologists

with Mary Beth Skellorn

Sunday 28-Monday 29 April 2019 in the Ipswich area Venue TBC

Prerequisites: Confident self-testing and verbal questioning

Have you worked with clients who have resolved some of their complaints with

kinesiology, know it works for them, and yet continue to suffer with a central, deep-seated,

distressing symptom picture that hasn’t shifted? This key area may improve a bit with our best HK treatment and then slides back, leaving the client stuck, suffering in spite of the best kinesiology work.

I wondered whether these clients were resonating in an unhealthy way with something outside of their present life’s energy system in time or space. Investigations into the Ko Cycle of the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine have borne this theory out. When the flow of energy around the Ko Cycle is unbalanced, the client’s energy system can more easily resonate to past life patterns of trauma, to energy patterns around them in this present life and for tissue areas to resonate with microbes rather than to their own Higher Self.

“Balancing the Ko Cycle—From Chronic Illness to Health” offers colleagues an HK model way of working to rebalance this part of the energy system in order to restore health when external resonance is disrupting the client’s system.

The Kinesiology Federation has approved the workshop for CPD credit of 15 hours.

The FHT will give it 5 CPD points.

Here is a summary of what the workshop covers:

 ·      A refresher on the Shen and Ko Cycles in Traditional Chinese Medicine

·      An energy model that makes sense of how the subtle bodies and the physical body interact.

·      The importance of the Ko Cycle in focusing energy within the client’s own energy system in the present life and in maintaining a healthy immune system.

·      A set of reflexes to assess and restore balance in the client’s Ko Cycle.

·      Eleven new protocols, essential to restoring stuck clients to vibrant and joyous


·      Two new sets of holding points to stimulate healing in the anatomical,

physiological and subtle body structures of your clients’ energy systems.

The workshop includes a manual that outlines the Five Elements and energy model, and

gives diagrams of reflex and holding points and step-by-step instructions for working and

notation of the protocols.

 Cost: £230, or £200 if booked one calendar month before the first session. A £60

deposit will secure your place. Anyone wanting to repeat this workshop can do so at half-price. I can accept sterling cheques, bank transfers and paypal using this link:

To request a booking form email or ring

0044 (0)1473-221535 or 0044 (0)7765 828629

Earlier Event: April 27
Balancing the Ko Cycle online workshop