Health Kinesiology (HK) is a wonderful, open-ended system. It can embrace and use any energy pattern. So what do you do if you work with a client and find that your best HK work is not helping them?

I have found myself in this place and near despair over my own ill health. I wasn’t in a position to be complacent about my professional work, as I was also the desperate client.

I stood back as far as possible from my own predicament and remembered the many, many clients who have got well with standard HK - stages 1 to 10 and most of the further HK courses offered, as well as Janice Hocking’s Assimilation protocols and Ann Parker and Sandie Lovell’s APEC.

Beyond the basics

There just had to be a way to get it to rebalance myself and my group of loyal but stuck clients. I used muscle testing to explore especially client work where a standard correction was tweaked slightly in the way we have all experienced—for me an ECS: Phantom Pain, in the first instance. The client had never had any body part removed or even been injured in the effected area—in this lifetime. I tested around what we were addressing and when this imbalance had arisen, and so I began to discover many dimensions of imbalance that I had not been able to address and developed protocols with which to balance them.

New tools

At present, there are two groups of protocols which I am presenting to professional colleagues who are interested in expanding their practice, while gaining CPD credit as required by the Kinesiology Federation and the Federation of Holistic Therapists. There are a further eight groups of protocols that I am developing into CPD workshops to offer to colleagues in the future. A synopsis of the workshops follows here:

  • The first Expand Kinesiology workshop, and a pre-requisite for the others to follow, is the three-day course “Balancing the Ko Cycle—from Chronic Illness to Health” which considers the function of the Ko Cycle in the Five Elements system of Chinese medicine. It presents 13 new protocols to reinstate the Ko Cycle in order to focus all of a client’s energy in the present and to restore immune function. J: "...the corrections were all very simple to perform, and yet the theory behind what we were doing was revolutionary." C: "Ko work has tested up with every client so far and I am really enjoying using has also helped me to integrate work from other modalities that never tested up before."

  • “Rift and Reconnection, Part 1--Exclusion” is a 2-day workshop which explores the impact of exclusion and self-loathing on health and offers 16 new protocols to rebalance the client suffering in these areas. G: “…Rift & Reconnection protocols are coming up right from day one of integrating them into my menu…” T: “…I love using the energy of your protocols…Thank you so much…”

  • "Rift and Reconnection, Part 2--Soul Family Relations” explores the concept of the Soul Family and presents 16 protocols to repair conflicts within this key group of people who must evolve as a unit.

  • “HK Model Shamanic Journeys”—10 protocols to retrieve parts of the energy system “lost” or de-activated by trauma or by the internalising of belief systems, social codes, mindsets, behavioural defaults when we are very young.

  • "Integrating Morphology"

  • "Peace" and "Dissonance"

  • "Psychic"

  • "Reclaiming Responsibility for My Health" and "Light" which are protocols which use the light spectrum and the Aura Soma Beamer Pen

  • "Thread Soul Tactics", "Longing to Be in Spirit" and "Balancing Higher Frequencies"

  • "Past Pattern Pathology"

  • "Ascension", "Return to Innocence", "Spirit satisfied with Self-Unity" and other stand alone protocols


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