We all want to be well as quickly as possible and there are lots of free energy techniques and tools available out there., that sound like they may be really helpful. And they are, when applied where needed. So just make sure your DIY treatment is going to be beneficial and appropriate by having it muscle tested before you take the plunge.

I know to my own cost that the wrong homeopathic can cause a great deal of suffering without any benefit. I wish I had had muscle testing to double check remedies when I was first practising.

Those of us who have access to kinesiology should be checking a new tool or procedure out before using it on ourselves. But there are a few assumptions that get in the way of doing the obvious:

·     If I don’t need the work, it will just bounce off

·     This sounds exactly right for me so I will start it today

·     The more work I have, the faster I will get better

Some unneeded DIY work may bounce off, but it is more likely to occupy your energy to no good end and slow down the processing of the kinesiology you have paid for. At worst, it might make you resonate with a past trauma mirrored in its energy pattern, one you have already balanced or one which was not, up to now, throwing out symptoms.

The first homeopath I consulted many years ago, looked at my rashes, read the pulses on my wrists, consulted the I-Ching,  and then prescribed Berberis and Sulphur. So lots of checking but not with muscle testing. My skin went wild and it has taken me a long time to find a way to get it to grow and function normally. When I eventually trained as a homeopath the first rule I was taught about treating someone with a skin problem was never kick off with Sulphur.

I love learning about new energy tools from clients and colleagues, so I am always happy to do a quick bit of testing without charge to check out the helpfulness of something. I find clients usually bring a new supplement to be tested and I hope they will do the same with energy work they have encountered somewhere else.

We have a great technique in muscle testing, the greatest in terms of following Hippocrates’ advice: ‘First do no harm’ (especially to yourself).