HK model Shamanic Journeying Protocol

As part of a discussion with colleagues in the closed facebook group Health Kinesiology Practitioners Worldwide, I agreed to share a protocol I have developed in the HK working model for a shamanic journey. As a preliminary to learning this protocol, you will need to have on hand information on animal spirit guides and shamanic journeying. I recommend “Animal Spirit Guides” by Chris Lüttichau and also “The Magic of Shamanism” by Arvick Baghramian. Our HK point holding system does the same job as the altered mental state of the shamanic journey, in that they both integrate the client’s system in the presence of an unbalancing experience/energy pattern. So no need to drum, rattle or dance into a trance state. The integrating of point holding is what triggers the client’s system to heal itself.

You also need to have three clear quartz crystal points and a magnet. The crystals and magnet that I have already mentioned rest on Crown chakra. Test which pole of the magnet is resting on the head. These open the crown chakra and the Thread Soul which connects all our lives so that benefit of the Journey can flow easily into the present.

I call the protocol “Journey”. Those of you who have done shamanic journeys will know that there are two main goals to a journey. first, it can allow you to access a power or ability you have lost in the past through a trauma, or one that you have never had but now require for healing purposes. This power is always embodied by an animal spirit guide.

The second goal is to retrieve a much larger part of your energy system that has been lost to you in the past through a significant trauma. This is generally called a soul retrieval. The chunk of the energy system can have gone missing in the present lifetime, but often it has been absent for some number of lifetimes since the original fragmenting trauma was experienced.

A shamanic journey can take you to one or more of three worlds. The lower world is inhabited by the animal spirit guides and resembles the natural world in its wild state. When a journey is made to recover or gain a power or ability, only the lower world will be visited. It is also always part of a soul retrieval. You must identify the number of power animals that are encountered, which animals they are, and then note the messages and power(s) they convey to you or your client and note this down. Look the animals up in your animal spirit guide information to find their messages and teachings and test which parts are relevant to you or your client.

The middle world is the one we live in now, in the present, and may be visited when a soul retrieval is being undertaken. Here we meet people we know and the significant messages in the middle world almost always come from one or more of our own soul family members. These are part of a significant group of people we reincarnate with over and over, and conflicts within this group slow the evolution of the soul family as a whole. Middle world messages usually come from a soul family member with whom we are in conflict. The message is from their soul which can see beyond the limits of this present life to a helpful and nurturing nugget of wisdom that assists the soul retrieval. You must identify the number of people who have a message (usually only one), who they are in the present life in relation to you or your client, and then test their messages up from your word lists.

The upper world is inhabited by Spirit and if it must be visited as part of a soul retrieval journey, the messages to be found here are delivered by spirit messengers and must be tested from your word lists.

To work the protocol, test whether it is to gain or recover a power or ability or if it is for the purposes of soul retrieval. If it is a soul retrieval, ask which part of the energy system is being retrieved and also ask how many animal spirit guides will be met in the lower world (usually just one) and whether there are messages from the middle world (how many and from whom?) and upper world. Test which animal(s) and look up and test the ability they will convey to you or the client. Note this, and also test and note any messages from identified people to be encountered in the middle world and any messages from the upper world. This tested information is then borne in mind while 3 clear quartz crystal points and a magnet (test which pole is to the body) rest on crown chakra. This group is then TLed at CV8 and points are held with everything in place. Points are usually non-standard and held with one or more cosbats. If they are to be held manually test what they are (usually just one endpoint of one meridian held bilaterally).

Here is the notation:

Journey/soul retrieval    Non-standard pts        ---3 quartz points and 1 magnet SS on crown

                                         F9 on crown                  -Lower world: Eagle Message: "Regain perspective to see both sides of an issue and to broaden one's horizons"

                                                                                 -Middle world: Father "Don't be constrained by prejudices"

                                                                                  -Upper world: You have the vision to choose rightly


Journey/power recovery   Non-standard pts    ---3 quarts points and 1 magnet NS on crown

                                             C6 on brow               -Lower world: Spider "You can make significant beneficial changes within the connected web of the Universe"

If you would like me to do this protocol for you, whether because it would be helpful or for practice purposes, to give you energy knowledge, please message or email me. As alway,s only do a protocol for yourself or a client if it tests up in priority, either alone or within a group of work.


July 16, 2015


We all want to be well as quickly as possible and there are lots of free energy techniques and tools available out there., that sound like they may be really helpful. And they are, when applied where needed. So just make sure your DIY treatment is going to be beneficial and appropriate by having it muscle tested before you take the plunge.

I know to my own cost that the wrong homeopathic can cause a great deal of suffering without any benefit. I wish I had had muscle testing to double check remedies when I was first practising.

Those of us who have access to kinesiology should be checking a new tool or procedure out before using it on ourselves. But there are a few assumptions that get in the way of doing the obvious:

·     If I don’t need the work, it will just bounce off

·     This sounds exactly right for me so I will start it today

·     The more work I have, the faster I will get better

Some unneeded DIY work may bounce off, but it is more likely to occupy your energy to no good end and slow down the processing of the kinesiology you have paid for. At worst, it might make you resonate with a past trauma mirrored in its energy pattern, one you have already balanced or one which was not, up to now, throwing out symptoms.

The first homeopath I consulted many years ago, looked at my rashes, read the pulses on my wrists, consulted the I-Ching,  and then prescribed Berberis and Sulphur. So lots of checking but not with muscle testing. My skin went wild and it has taken me a long time to find a way to get it to grow and function normally. When I eventually trained as a homeopath the first rule I was taught about treating someone with a skin problem was never kick off with Sulphur.

I love learning about new energy tools from clients and colleagues, so I am always happy to do a quick bit of testing without charge to check out the helpfulness of something. I find clients usually bring a new supplement to be tested and I hope they will do the same with energy work they have encountered somewhere else.

We have a great technique in muscle testing, the greatest in terms of following Hippocrates’ advice: ‘First do no harm’ (especially to yourself).

June 6, 2015

How new protocols arise

In mid 2011, I was working with a client whose previous symptoms had resolved with HK work. He had come with a new symptom, lower left abdominal/back pain. Medical investigation had failed to detect anything wrong and he had no functional problems in the area, or problems moving—just the pain, which was sometimes more at the front and sometimes more in his back. He had never suffered an injury in this area or had any sort of surgery there.

So we set off working the HK menu and amongst other corrections we had to do an ECS: Phantom Pain. This was extremely puzzling given that there was no history of injury or parts removed in the painful area. As we did the Phantom Pain correction  I got an image in my head of an arrow lodged through the client’s torso, front to back.

Previous to this I had had some useful discussions with Amanda Brookes about what she calls a ‘data program’, a memory in the physical tissues of a past trauma  during which the client died in a previous life. I did a quick muscle test with my client to ask if he had died from an arrow wound and got a ‘No’. so I asked had he survived the injury with incomplete healing?—scars?—and got a ‘Yes’.

Over the next year I did a lot of testing to understand how a trauma from a past life can re-emerge in the present. It seems clear that the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and, in particular, imbalances in the Ko Cycle allow this to happen. I have written about the Ko cycle balancing protocols elsewhere. They were the first in a succession of protocols which now come up all the time for my clients.

The ideas for new protocols have evolved in three ways: 1) when I am working with a client and a standard correction takes an odd form or seems to be addressing something not usually associated with it; 2) when I am thinking about areas where clients aren’t responding with permanent recovery to what is already on my menu; or 3) when I am totally stuck and have asked Diane Connelly for help, and she has done shamanic journeying for me.

I test up the detail of a new protocol using our HK word lists and tools by asking the following questions:

  • What is the protocol called?
  • What imbalance does it intend to correct?
  • Does it look like something already on my menu?
  • How many items?
  • How many aspects, and what are they—thoughts, self-touch, additional tools, etc?
  • Do we hold points?
  • What points do we hold—normal HK, special, compound, APEC?
  • How do we hold them?
  • Does this protocol fit into any of my already defined categories?

Nearly all the new protocols, as a theme, re-balance the client’s energy system when it is resonating unhealthily with an energy pattern that originates from outside itself in time or space. So far I have 21 extra categories of protocols on my menu, in addition to HK 1-10, and almost all of the work Jimmy Scott has taught in the UK saving his new A, B, and C, Janice Hocking’s Assimilation 1 and Ann Parker's APEC 1.

So there are quite a few protocols within the Expand Kinesiology net and I would love to share them with as many of you as possible. We need to start with the Ko Cycle balancing protocols and these are on offer in a workshop next scheduled for 15-17 August in Suffolk.  Please have a look at the workshop section of my website for booking details.



Mary Beth Skellorn KFRP Adv, MARH, MFHT, BA44 (0)1473

You also need to have three clear quartz crystal points and a magnet. I will explain the process in a later post. Must get to work!